Institute for Futures Research

South Africa

The Institute for Futures Research undertakes Futures research, trains corporates and individuals in the use of futures thinking tools, and offers various publications to keep clients updated on what is waiting on the horizon.



InnovationLabs.Berlin is an Open InnovationLab to enable discovery, innovation, and business transformation. InnovationLabs has local presences in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cape town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Ignatianum University


Ignatianum is one of nearly two hundred Jesuit universities around the world, known for their prestige and high quality education. The University runs a Social Innovation Lab that implements KeyBattleFramework in Poland and Ukraine.



Knowledge4Innovation is an open, independent, non-profit platform with a wide variety of stakeholders including regions, cities and universities, research organisations, trade organisations and think tanks supported by 40 MEPs in Europe.