Ignite opportunities

Winning your Key Battles to mobilize all Talents and Assets.


Today, municipalities compete for the most promising industries and talents. The challenge is to attract them to ignite economic opportunities for the city and region.


Whatever the choice, municipalities have to identify critical competencies to win their key battles. They also are requested to support all stakeholders to develop these competencies.


We identify key battles and define actions to accomplish results. We have a focus of 3-5 years to deliver results. We use a cooperation model  and big data to make it happen.

1. Define Key Battles

What battle do you want to win

In a set of workshops, we support key stakeholders in the labor market to define their key battles.

2. Define Key Jobs

What jobs do you need

We define the functions and competencies that are critical to win your key battles.

3. Qualify Available Population

Qualify available talents

We match the qualities of your population against the future to qualify key resources.

4. Define Learning Actions

Align the educational institutions

Based on an indepth market analysis, we calculate what competencies are missing.

5. Calculate The Gap

Know what to do to bridge the gap

We define actionable learning advice to enable talents to develop key competencies and to grow to critical positions.

6. Attract Missing Talents

Define specific hiring needs

We define specific hiring needs to win your key battles to outperform competition and to ignite economic opportunities.