Winning your Key Battles and outperform the competition.


Today, organizations balance their choices between reducing costs and business development.


Whatever the choice, they have to identify and develop critical competencies to win key battles. 


We identify key battles and define actions to accomplish results within three months. 

1. Define key battles

Know what battle you want to win

In a set of workshops, we support management to define their 1-3 key battles.

2. Define key functions

Know what you need to win your battle

Define the functions and competencies that are critical to win over your competition.

3. Qualify present staff

Celebrate the talents you already have

Match the qualities of your workforce against the future to qualify your starting-point.

4. Calculate the gap

Know what to do to bridge the gap

Calculate what is missing but can be added to running staff to win your battles.

5. Define learning actions

Put in place 'learning paths'

Define actionable personal learning advice to enable individuals to grow to critical positions.

6. Hire missing talents

Define specific hiring needs

Define and execute specific hiring needs to win you key battles and outperform competition.