1. Define Your Key Battle

What battle do you want to win

In a set of workshops, we welcome all key stakeholders in the labour market to define their key battles. Key battles are socio-economic goals for the region. Do you want to become the health hub? or the transportation hub? Or do you want to become agricultural capital?  

2. Define Key Jobs

What jobs are crucial in your region to win your battle

We define the job descriptions and competencies that are critical to winning your key battles. These job descriptions are based on the Job Library with 26.000 job templates that we have readily available. When. additional jobs are relevant, we will add them to the database and make them available to the region.

3. Profile Your Talents

Know your workforce 

We match your present workforce and match them against future qualifications. There will be a campaign in your region to ask people to apply for the Jobs-of-the-Future. This campaign will feed information to the big data analysis tool so that we can deliver concrete advise on steps to be taken in the region.

4. Define Learning Actions

Align educational institutions

Based on in-depth market analysis, we define the competencies that are missing to win your key battle. These competencies are being matched with the present learning offering by TVETs and Universities in the region. When learning content is missing, we will advise the educational institutions what they can do specifically to support the region.

5. Adjust Education Supply

Life-Long Learning made practical

We define actionable learning advice to enable talents to develop their key competencies and to grow to key positions. 

6. Attract Missing Talents

Define mission-critical hiring needs

We define specific hiring needs to win your key battles and to mobilize all talents and assets in the region.